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Polish contemporary jazz has Leszek Możdżer’s face and not because of his eccentric haircuts or the peculiar frames of his glasses. It was he who popularised jazz by bringing it to the average consumerand even though his music cannot begiven the trendy label of “smooth”, it is still enjoyable, light and pleasant to listen to.

Możdżer has a talent for mixing refined content with a light medium. He has reached apeak while playing in a trio with Lars Danielsson and Zohar Fresco and the previous album that he recorded with the Swedish contrabassist-cellist and the singing Israeli drummer hasput the expectations high – it went double platinum. His current offering – “Between us and the light” will be even more successful. It’s pensive, subtle but expressiveand it sounds classical, without showing off or using any unnecessary tricks.

All the tracks on this album compose a complete wholeas the trio of Możdżer/Danielsson/Frescoserve up an exquisite sound feast spiced with oriental flavours. The album confirms that Możdżer is at his best as a jazz pianist, putting his pop music experiments aside. His playing will satisfy everyone except the mostfanatical jazz purists.

Source: Iga Nyc Wprost, 49/2006

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