Sfinks 700


Forum Integracji Nauki, Kultury, Sztuki in Sopot (SFINKS) is an artistic group established in 1991by the following artists: Henryk Cześnik, Józef Czerniawski, Robert Florczak, and Alicja Gruca. Club SFINKS, run by Alicja Gruca and Robert Florczak, from its beginning was famous for colourful but controversial events. The group of independent artists led many actions from theatre, ballet and the preforming arts; the centre also offered a variety of concerts and exhibitions Famous Polish and international jazz and rock musicians appeared in the Club SFINKS.. In the 90s SFINKS promoted techno music; it was one of the first clubs in Poland to add this type of music to its repertoire.

At the beginning of the XXI century SFINKS went through a crisis, which the club pulled through and became SFINKS 700.

I’m aware of the fact that SFINKS is one of the most important centres in Sopot and I respect the tradition of this club, therefore, driven by sentiment and dreams I decided in 2011 to create a professional environment to play live music in SFINKS. I invested in the club’s repair, acoustic adaptation and exposure. Today I’m the ambassador of the club run by Artur Sieradzki and Łukasz Vacosa Zieliński. Many representatives of techno music appear on the SFINKS’ stage, there are concerts, vernissagess and performances. My dream has been fulfilled; Club SFINKS still exists and is doing well.

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